Well, well… look who’s poking around.

5.13.14 Kita242bw


Let’s take a moment to get to know one another. Chat and get excited together. Talk and daydream about long sunsets and amazing dresses. Let’s capture those unstaged moments where your eyes meet his and love just shows through.Let’s make memories you will look back on and cherish….

I’m Kita, and I believe that every day is an exciting new adventure. I’m a mountain biking, comic loving, instagram foodie, who is kind of in love with well… Love. There’s something that shines through in a person when they are in love. Something untarnished no matter how young or old. Something to be cherished. And that is what I want to capture. It’s fresh and real, and that’s exactly the way I snap my photos.

As a little girl, I was fascinated with the photographers behind the stunning photos in National Geographic, and marine biology. Sadly, when I was 12, I developed a peculiar phobia of jellyfish and all hopes of a doctorate in sea critters vanished like a shooting star. Luckily, my passion for photography hung in there. In high school, I ran the black and white photo lab and my love for photography continued to grow as I developed a food blog and was snapping daily photos on my food blog, Pass the Sushi and Girl Carnivore that would become a regular feature on food publications and even a few magazines.

I believe that photography should be fluid, dynamic and fierce just like life. I make it my passion to capture your once in a lifetime moments so that you can always look back and smile.

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